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Ironing Board Cover Care Instructions

Ironing Board Cover

Your new Sewroo ironing board cover is fully machine washable !  Read on for some handy hints to get the most life out of your cover.

Our ironing board covers are made from 100% cotton.  This means that if regularly exposed to moisture, the cotton will deteriorate.  It also means that unnecessarily leaving your iron face down on your cover will, over time, cause the cotton to become brittle and tear.

How do I minimise these effects?

Never fill your iron with water over your ironing board cover.  Spilt water will not only cause the cotton to deteriorate, but metals and other particles in the water will cause your cover to discolour.

In the same way, a leaky iron will cause premature wear and tear on your Sewroo ironing board cover.  Brown marks are typically a symptom of this.

Try and stand the iron up always when sitting it on your cover.

For those people who use starches when they iron, please take care to wash your Sewroo ironing board cover on a regular basis.  This will help to rinse any residue from the starch that is left on the cover.  Over time, a buildup of starch will cause your ironing board cover to become brittle and tear.

Remember, your Sewroo ironing board cover is reversible!  Turn it over if your cover is torn or towards the end of its life, to get the most from your investment in a quality Sewroo ironing board cover.

Happy ironing!