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Choosing An Ironing Board Cover Pattern

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Butterfly Ironing Board Coverbundoora

When selling Ironing Board Covers it is so common for a customer to spend a good one to three minutes on deciding on a pattern. They all say the same thing “It’s so silly it’s just an ironing board cover”, to which I always reply “oh but it isn’t”. Depending on what sort of ironer you are or whether you have a room where your board gets put away or if it is always on display choosing a cover that links in with your décor can be of definite importance. I always love witnessing family dynamics and how children are always so opinionated on what pattern should be chosen only for a parent to say “Do you even know where I keep the iron?”. Not to mention the number of times a woman will be so adamant in choosing a pattern to match the décor of the room only for a husband to say “Hey! I'm the one that does the ironing.” Personally apart from décor I think the best is choosing for mood. Choosing something fresh and uplifting can make a big difference to the joy of the job and work quite positively on the subconscious. With Mother’s Day right around the corner make sure you do put that bit of extra thought into the pattern you select for her not only is she guaranteed to love a Sewroo Ironing Board cover she will love the extra consideration with the design chosen by you.

You will find something for all colour-motivation with Sewroo Products. Whether you like your subtle neutrals or something a bit different a Sewroo Ironing board cover is for you in sizes; small, standard, large, robin hood, drawer, elna press and table top.