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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below relating to our ironing board covers. If you have further questions please contact us through our web site.


Will a Sewroo ironing board cover fit a wider ironing board?

A standard size cover will fit boards up to 38cm wide, a large size cover will fit wider boards up to 45cm across.

How do I measure my ironing board?

Measurements quoted allow for the overhang, so measure just the flat surface of your ironing board without your current cover on it. For length, measure from nose to wide end, and for width, measure from side to side at the widest part.


Are Sewroo ironing board covers machine washable?

Yes, Sewroo ironing board covers are machine washable.

I use starches when I iron, how should I care for my cover?

To get the best life from your Sewroo ironing board cover, wash your cover regularly if you use starches to reduce starch build up. Starches will make the cotton on the cover brittle, and over time this will increase the likelihood of the cover tearing.

I place my iron face down on my cover when ironing. Will this affect the life of my cover?

Yes. Try to avoid placing your iron down for extended periods of time on the same part of the cover as exposing the cover to unnecessary heat for prolonged periods will cause premature wear and tear.