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Resolution Time

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Well another year has ended and a new one begins. Not so new are people’s resolutions. Lose that bit of flab, get fit and the standard list goes on. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Get more organised’. Being more organized in your workplace and home can make a large difference to minimizing stress…. And that is a resolution worth making!

A very tricky thing with resolutions is getting over-excited and making too many changes too quick. Getting over zealous and putting too much pressure on yourself that you now ‘HAVE’ to do things a certain way and when you stumble can end up throwing it all in the too hard basket, only to return to old habits and feeling annoyed with yourself that your good intention and resolution has now bit the dust.

With regards to getting organized the first step is looking at the tools you’ll need. Like those who make the resolution to ‘get fit’ go running into Lorna Jane for new gym gear or go shopping for new runners. Those that make the resolution to be more organized need to have a look at their tools and at the idea of what would make things easier to maintain a more organized home. Simply don’t just go out into your yard and pick up all the pegs that are on the ground and drop them somewhere out of the way in a pile. Look at a Sewroo Products Peg Bag to hang off the line in a convenient spot where even on a day when the rain is coming and you are plucking those clothes off the line faster than a car at Bathurst throwing the pegs straight into the Peg Bag will assist your mission and ensure they are all at your fingertips when the sun is out again. Instead of letting that ironing pile grow and take over your spare bedroom or office again invest in a Sewroo Products Ironing Board Cover to make ironing a job that you no longer dread and are happy to keep on top of.

To all our customers we wish you a Happy New Year for 2014 and whatever resolution you make may you find them beneficial and enriching. From The Team at Sewroo Products.