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The Sewroo Products’ Wash Bag

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Wash Bags

As you know already at Sewroo Products we don’t make those pesky-short-life wash bags. You don’t need to worry about the mesh gradually disintegrating with each wash. Or having to be extra delicate with the zip because the last few cheapy ones you’ve owned have either separated, ripped, jammed or just plain out stopped working. Our wash bags are quality Australian made with options of poplin or swiss voile for the fabrics and you will not be disappointed with the quality and longevity of our zipper. It is secure and easy to use.

In terms of the uses for wash bags they are no longer just simply for delicates. In an age of all the fabulous fabrics for sportswear protecting them each wash in a wash bag is a great way to go. Wash bags are fantastic for mums with bubs also. When my son was little I always washed his bibs in a wash bag to prevent the velcro of the bibs sticking to his clothes. Our wash bags are also extremely useful as a mode of storage when travelling to prevent socks and other delicates getting lost within your clothing or used in your small drawers to separate and sort your delicates. I also once heard from a customer that she loved using her wash bag to put ‘odd socks’ in so each time she did her washing she would check in with her odd sock stash to see of any possible match ups.

Lastly in this article I am determined to squash the fear to purchase coloured wash bags. In my three years selling for Sewroo Products at weekend markets and now in shopping centres in Perth it never ceases to amaze me how many people would look at our gorgeous colour selection and go straight to the white. Rest assured that our swiss voile and poplin are all colour-fast fabrics so do not feel you are limited to white.