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How long should a Sewroo Standard Ironing Board Cover last?

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iDeal Admin

Ironing Board CoversIn my time selling ironing board covers for Sewroo products, the most common question people would ask me was “How long should Sewroo Ironing Board Covers last?”, and the answer is almost as ambiguous as “How long is a piece of string?”.

The routine and frequency of ironing is definitely changing within a lot of households. Personally, I’m still your old fashioned ‘marathon ironer’. Over the week I collect in a separate basket all the items that need to be ironed and on a Sunday night I stand in front of the TV with my Sewroo Standard Ironing Board Cover and get the whole lot done.  Once upon a time, before using a Sewroo ironing board cover, what used to barely last me 6 months now lasts me several years. However, there are now so many different types of ironing routines mainly including; ‘the casual ironer’, ‘the work clothes only ironer’, and the ‘on a need to basis only ironer’.  A lot of the time people that I serve who are buying a Sewroo Ironing Board Cover are repeat customers who are always happy and rave about how much longer their Sewroo ironing board cover had lasted them, as oppose to the ones they used previously, and the best story I’ve had in my time selling this quality Australian-made product was that a cover had lasted a gentleman 10 years.  This is due to Sewroo Products using a 250g density of Dacron inner lining which means there is less air puffed through our covers, making them last longer than our competitors’ product.

So, as much as sometimes I felt like a bit of a cagey salesperson not giving a specific answer to this question as it does depend on; frequency of use, pressure you apply with your iron, how you care for your cover (eg: do you take it off and wash it twice a year?) the type of iron you use, etc, etc. The main response that I say is this; “However long your current cover is lasting you, your new Sewroo one will outlast it exponentially and you won’t be disappointed.”