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Practical Gift Giving With Sewroo Products

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iDeal Admin

If there is something that the GFC has really enhanced it is people’s preference to lean towards practical gift giving. With there being so much room in the market for giving gift cards there are still a vast majority that love giving a gift that they select, purchase and wrap themselves. This process is still so loved however people I find now put more thought into the ‘what would they need?’ as well as ‘what would they like?’.

Giving a Sewroo Ironing board cover, peg bag or wash bag encompasses practicality as well as luxury. You are giving the best that there is on the market and you are giving Australian made. But you are also giving something that can be utilized in every home. You can’t go wrong. As time is going on and we are embracing becoming more and more practical the stigma that used to be attached to giving a ‘home makers’ (or as I like to say ‘domestic engineer’s’) item may have been slightly insulting this perception has become all but abolished. In my time working at the markets selling Sewroo Products I saw many who were devoted users of our products come and buy for their loved ones without thinking twice. I also received many comments from people who received our products as gifts and made comments like “Oh I was so thrilled I’ve wanted one of your covers for ages and I don’t know how I’ve done without it for so long.”

It is also pleasing to us at Sewroo to see how popular our Wash Bags and Miracle Brushes are becoming as stocking fillers. Also that the Peg Bag’s popularity for becoming a ‘Christmas Stocking’ in itself that can be filled with a bottle of wine and some chocolates is perfect for your neighbor or anyone else that you are wanting to give that little something to at Christmas.

From Leeanne, Graham and all the Team at Sewroo we wish you the Merriest of Christmas’ and look forward to your continuing support in the New Year.